Considerable Scale - Supply Capacity of Juncheng Steel Pipe There is such a professional manufacturing team in China. In 1997, they engaged in the development of steel pipe products in a state-owned enterprise; In 2002, they invested and established a steel pipe manufacturing enterprise through stock participation; In 2010, they invested and established the brand "Juncheng Steel Pipe"; So far, they have engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of steel pipe for nearly 20 years. Headquartered in Beijing, following China's political, economic and cultural development trend, it owns three production bases and six production plants in Tianjin, Shandong, and Inner Mongolia. Nearly two billion in assets, with nearly 1,000 acres of the production plants, more than 60 sets of all kinds of pipelines and related facilities, to achieve production capacity of 3 million tons. Galvanized Steel Pipe,ERW Steel Pipe, Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Coil,Galvanized Steel Coil,Hollow Section, Sheet Pile, Pre-galvanzied pipe, Fire Fighting Pipe, Lining Plastic Steel Pipe, Plastic Coated Steel Pipe, Deformed Bar, Wire Rod, Fittings, Sections. Construction, Water Transportation, Gas and Oil, Fire Fighting ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO18000, CE certificate the group company has 16 hot galvanized steel pipe production lines, 20 straight-seam welding pipe production lines, 10 plastic-lining composite pipe production lines, 6 plastic-coating composite pipe production lines, 6 spiral-seam double-side submerged arc welded pipe production lines and seamless steel pipes, petroleum casing pipes, pre-galvanized steel pipes, pipe fittings and other manufacturing facilities. Juncheng Pipeline has become the stable provider to provide series of “Juncheng” brands pipes to a number of large-sized enterprises such as China Gas Holdings Group, China Resources Gas Group, Hong Kong and China Gas Group, ENN Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., PetroChina Kunlun Gas, PetroChina Daqing Oilfield, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Railway, China State Construction, China Nuclear Construction, State Grid, China Wanda Group, SUNAC Group, Wuhan Subway etc in the aspects of gas, fire protection, water supply, structure, threading pipes etc. And our products are exporting to Southeast Asia, Africa, Mideast, South America and other districts. Material testing of steel pipe—— Spectrometric Analyzer The world's top direct reading spectrum -- German spike direct reading spectrometry can not only detect the common elements, but also analyze in detail the microelements in the sample, even part of the rare earth elements Material testing of steel pipe—— Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer To test the content of carbon and sulfur in the raw materials, the samples are burned at high frequency, and the infrared principle is used to detect the accurate results in 30 seconds. Material testing of steel pipe—— Metallographic Analyzer The specimen can be amplified to 1260 times by using high power microscope, and the metallographic structure of the sample is analyzed in detail. Universal testing machine of steel pipe——Impact Testing Machine Maximum detection impact energy 300J, meanwhile equipped with ultra cryostat, the impact strength can be detected below 60 degrees centigrade. Material testing of steel pipe —— Manganese,phosphorus and silicon intelligent analyzer The content of manganese, phosphorus and silicon in raw materials are tested. Based on the principle of chemical analysis, chemical reagent is used to release the color of each element, and the content of manganese, phosphorus and silicon in the raw material is tested accurately according to the absorbance of the color. China mechanical properties inspection of steel pipe Universal testing machine With maximum loading capacity of 50 tons, the flattening test can be implemented to detect the welding quality, and the tensile test can also be carried out to detect the mechanical properties of the material. Zinc Test——Spectrophotometer Based on the absorption spectrum of substance to study the composition, structure and interaction between matters, this effective means can effectively detect the composition of the material. Zinc coating corrosion resistance test——salt-mist corrosion tester The two salt spray test chambers utilize sodium chloride to create a neutral salt spray environment, and monitor the corrosion resistance of the finished pipes constantly. Environmental Monitoring Equipped with complete quality testing equipment, including COD tester, precision pH meter, turbidity meter etc to strictly control the water qualitylow price Malleable Reducing Cross website:
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