Culture: Talent and Ingenuity at Work Haide Packaging - “Your Flexible Packaging Expert!”, “Leading Roll Stock Global Supplier” - a high quality manufacturer of flexible packaging products in East Asia since 1992. We have facility and partnership in Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand. Two and half decades of experience in the food flexible packaging industry cooperating with the top brands in Asia has given us famous brand of food packaging. We are preferred producer of retort packaging and the top provider of food industrial use packaging. We create the most sought after solutions in flexible food packaging and promotional branding. Always Looking for a Better Way Our industry experience is second to none, new manufacturing and plastic technology motivates us. Our on-site manufacturing uses global leading presses and practices that are efficient, highly sustainable and environmentally recognized. Our team of professionals present a level of expertise that guarantees safeness, performance, consistently and efficiency. Dedicated Customer Service Representatives Our clients receive customized solutions with quick turn-around times, competitive pricing and reliable quality delivery. The world’s best practice packaging solutions for multi-national companies and prestige, niche providers can be found right here. Many clients found us as their global packaging materials manufacturer because they’re in search of more than bags or roll stock. Often customers are looking for a better solution to their packaging challenges around the world. Tap into our top-tier packaging solutions and experience the built-in value that keeps our clients as committed to us as we are to them. Future We are relentlessly responsive to our customers’ needs. Superior marketability, less waste, lower costs and faster turnaround times are just the start. Great pricing and consistently high quality, long and short runs, it all starts with Haide Packaging. We do everything possible to ensure your products reflect your vision, deliver on schedule and run flawlessly on your equipment. Operating since 1992, Haide reputation in the industry is faultless. We value our long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers. HD are a team, obsessed with detail and captivated by the bigger future. Order Procedure: We investigate each inquiry by details and then make quotation by option lamination and material selected. The Artwork confirmation takes time and it is indeed vital important for a smooth cooperation and as a key factor for the soonest delivery since it takes time for the final confirmation even if the PO already taken. So we prefer our in-house client confirming the artwork before the PO being ordered. After the PO being placed and deposit payment confirmed, we will make the artwork proof for gravure printing plate within one working week (5 working days) and send it to client by express for confirmation in order to take the order on plate making. If client gives advice for modify certain detail or changing the contract or color info of any part, we have to execute in another 3 days to make the new proof till client finally confirmed their desire proof as the primary printing standard. Cylinder (plate) making in 5-7 days (slack/peak season) and we will arrange the printing with 7 days. Lamination for each layer takes 3-4 days include aging. Then we do full set of inspection off line in 2 days, slitting for roll film stock in 3-7 days or pouch making in another 7-15 days depends on the order volume. Time table of the manufacturing processes ProcessSlack season (Mar to JUL) (working days)Peak Season (AUG to FEB) (working days) Artwork confirmation35 Cyliner make57 *No storage / Special film preparing7-1510-30 Printing37 Lamination 2 layers35 **Lamination 3 layers57 **Lamination 4 layers710 **Lamination 5 layers1013 Inspection off line23 Slitting2-53-10 Pouch making1-53-15 Packging & Delivery to port and depot35 Total average for roll stock15-2121-25 Total average for pouch18-2525-40 Depend on the packaging function & structure selected by the client Might be shorter by dry lamination while longer by solvent less lamination or special adhesive. Time table of shipping Schedule from Qingdao Port to destination around the world AreaTrans TimeDirect call port North America West Bound15 North America East Bound32 West Europe base port28 Mediterranean Base port26 North Europe ports35 South Europe port and Inland32 Australia20 New Zealand28 South Africa18 Japan3 Gulf & Red Sea16 South East Asia7 South America36 Russia far East5 Middle Asia18 Services: Artwork Management Today, the battle for shelf space is a constant challenge for retailers looking to stand out from the competition and catch the consumer's ever-wandering eye. Haide expertise artwork handling dept. takes every client artwork with care for the pre-printing arrangement and preparation. Well knowing the up-to-date design trends, from spouted to self-venting pouches and new layouts like Block bottom or custom shaped, to eye-catching holographic designs with stunning high resolution gravure printing, our talented engineer review every package for color accuracy and consistency, and packaging design properties best-suited to the print medium you choose. Plates and Process Management Electronic file transfer between our graphics department, production facilities, and customers streamlines the approval process and decreases product lead times. Rotogravure Printing Plate Quality for High Impact Packages Accuracy in plate production is key in guaranteeing that images are rendered as perfectly as possible. Production quality controlled by ISO processing standard operation and management. BRC / FSSC22000 food packaging HACCP control. Inspection for every roll and every pouches we made by high speed inspector and off line inspecting. Artwork Management A look through any grocery store or supermarket will reveal the variety of colors, shades and finish effort available today to make custom packaging design come to life. There are million spectrum color that rotogravure printing can make on a plastic film. These subtle and crucial variations on color are among the many elements of Haide / Color Leader packaging's color & artwork management process. Recognizing the vast variety and nuances of color, Haide / Color Leader takes a quantitative approach that ensures color accuracy that maintains customers' brand presence consistently. From ideas on electric film, to adjustment and making choices on paper proof, till final cylinder making to print on film, Haide's design team works with customers to make even the most detailed design to reality. Brand Color Management Quantitative-based system that measures color accuracy. Cylinder state monitoring and timely renewing the clad layer. Color ink ratio evaluation scores ensure color consistency. Utilizes CIE L*a*b* color values to pinpoint color accuracy Trial printing proof Review and Samples, approval before production Artwork reviews, color proof verification, and customer approval processes Cylinder adjustment at spot to save client time Press proofs Retained samples General Information: Can Haide fulfill a rush order? The ability to fulfill a rush order is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The decision depends on work load and product availability at any given time. We try to accommodate rush order requests whenever possible. Can I set up an account with Haide or must I prepay 30-50% deposit for all orders? Customers are always welcome to prepay orders or work on a cash basis. However, we also works with many customers on credit. A credit application must be submitted before we will complete any work on a customer's first order and constant monthly order basis. What are your minimum run quantities? Minimum run quantities are determined from the amount of packages that can be produced from printing a master roll of film. This is dependent on the size and style of the package being produced. Please call for specifics. Basically our MOQ starts from 6000 meter printing runs. For example, with the pouches width repeat at 125mm, 8 pouches per one meter, plus 2 channels, that MOQ should be at 6000*16=96,000 pcs, just for reference. What are Haide’s lead times? Generally Haide packaging delivers custom packaging solution in about 8-9 weeks from the point of artwork approval by the customer. Cylinder making in 7 days. Printing & lamination in 10 days / 15 days in peek season. Pouch making for 7-15 days on differ quantity and pouch style. Average delivery of items on board of shipping typically in 4 weeks from the point of order. Ocean shipping schedule, Qingdao to Long Beach, LA 16-21 days Qingdao to Tacoma, 18-25 days Qingdao to Auckland, 19-23 days Qingdao to Portland, 22-28days Qingdao to Houston, 28-33days Qingdao to Miami, 32-34 days Qingdao to New York, 32-36 days Qingdao to Chicago, 28-30 days How do I make a return? To initiate a product return, contact our customer support or sales representative via email or telephone for authorization. No returns will be accepted without prior notification and approval. There may be a restocking fee. Please note that custom-made items are NOT RETURNABLE except when the package is critical defective that can not be used. Stock products must be in the same condition as when purchased and should still be in original packaging within two months of purchase. Artwork, Cylinder and Print Management Questions How many colors can Haide / Color Leader print? We have 2 sets of BOBOST Rotogravure 10 colors high speed printing press. Maximum CMYK+5 spot color, CMYK+4 spot + matte, or 10 spot color channel printing. Can I order a combo run of various SKU's to reduce my minimum order quantity of bags? C.B.C. we would consider on client’s situation, Normally we don’t print several items up on the same plates to reduce the order quantity, but we accept initial order 30% low than standard MOQ. Can stock pouches be custom printed? Printing is done when the packaging is still in a roll stock format. Therefore any printing on pouches is considered to be a custom packaging project. Does Haide use the digital Printing process, and what does this technology involve? HP indigo 20000, CMYK + 2 spot color, we only accept roll stock and flat pouches, 3 layer and below laminates order in global market. Do you produce labels? We have label lines for adhesive labels roll but we do not do stamping. What the cylinder costs on my new design? We only offer high speed steel tube plate by YC group, three width of cylinder and charges as follow, 820mm - USD 150 1120mm - USD 185 1300mm - USD 290 The cylinder cost will be return by the policy of production volume accumulation in the first 12 months, once production charges surpass USD 50,000, refunds USD 500 cylinder cost, repeat till all plate charge be refunded. Film and Technical Packaging Questions Are all the products Haide supplies food safe packaging? All of the packaging supplies are food safe materials/products under FDA or CIFA regulation. BRC food packaging processing HACCP procedure certification. Can Haide / Color Leader packaging print an anti-skid coating on our large bags? We can add a registered anti-skid matte or glossy coating finish on client’s request(Optional on charge) to the packaging surface layer to help eliminate slippage or sliding when stacking bags. This can be especially helpful during shipping and for easier storage. Do you make a material that allows for easy open packages? Engineer designed films with peelable function as well as coating technology could help. We also manufacture other easy open features such as laser scoring or tear tapes. Do you sell shrink bags? No, but we do a lot easy peeling custom printed lidding film to cooperate with the shrink packaging. Should MVTR and OTR be considered when selecting a packaging materials? Some products will become rancid or oxidize in the presence of oxygen. For these types of products, a high barrier packaging film should be selected. Haide flexible packaging engineer representatives are always available to help guide the appropriate package choices to best protect your product. Why is slip (control of COF) needed? Slip facilitates performance on packaging lines to ensure constant or smooth tracking and smooth operation. When COF is too high or too low, the film will not run as it should. It needs to match the packaging machine COF specification condition range to make it operate in normal. What basic information does Flair need when recommending a film structure? Please provide the following information when requesting an order in determining the best film and coating structure for your product and application: l Details of package content and form l Anticipated shelf life under the sterilization and storing condition (current and target) l Filling temperature, speed and other condition involved l Post filling heat treatment including temperature, time, and pressure l Storage and shelf temperature (ambient, chilled, or frozen) l Any required features (special printing, easy peel, easy tear, matte and glossy finish, etc.) What considerations should we factor into material selection related to our operational efficiency? Performance on your equipment, production speeds, roll stock joint control and waste factors are important to be considered. What considerations should we factor into material selection related to the product and the package? Shelf life in different condition varies, exposure to extreme high and low temperatures during storage, shipping & logistic condition, puncture resistance, aroma barrier, UV protection, and other factors all come into selecting an appropriate film structure to protect your product. Got a question? Please mail to, we are always there for you!Foil Stand Up Pouch wholesale website:
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