Shenzhen Zhongmeide Furniture Co., Ltd specializes in the R & D, production and sales of high-end catering furniture. After years of hard work, "Zhongmeide" has become a high-end brand of Chinese catering furniture and is striving to become a high-end brand of catering furniture in the world. The main products of our factory include: Western restaurant furniture, cafe furniture, tea restaurant furniture, Chinese restaurant furniture, hot pot furniture, dessert shop furniture, tea shop furniture, bar furniture, leisure restaurant furniture and other public dining furniture. The company's exhibition hall and factory are located in No. 55, Anhua Road, Anliang community, Yuanshan street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. Standardized production workshop, advanced production equipment in Europe and America, and many design and production teams with more than 15 years of industry experience. Our factory has developed a variety of styles of furniture: classical, modern, European and American, Asia Pacific, industrial style, simple, European style and so on. The products sell well all over the country and are exported to Europe and America. In recent years, our factory has been customized according to the special requirements of furniture style, size, material, color and so on provided by customers. According to the independent research and development and continuous innovation over the years, more new products have been put on the market, becoming the preferred partner of various restaurants, hotel projects and model rooms. "All virtues" has become the designated furniture manufacturer of several top 100 catering enterprises, such as Yum group, Xiaofeiyang, Haidilao, Xiangyang fishing port, Starbucks, weiqianramean, KFC, gongcha, coco, Ferrara western restaurant, Lu Xiaofeng restaurant, panggeliang restaurant, xiangdangai restaurant, daflan restaurant, xiabuxiabu hotpot restaurant. The reason why we can establish the furniture brand and sell it for a long time in the fierce market competition is that we always adhere to the tenet of market-oriented, technology as the core and quality as the life, constantly develop new products and expand the market to overseas, because we can provide the furniture brand with strength and self-confidence Bring more high-quality furniture around the world. In the 21st century, with the continuous progress of human beings and the continuous improvement of people's life and requirements, the "virtues" will be meticulously built with a passion of 100 times. Each product can show infinite artistic value and "create elegant life" for you. Zhong virtue corporate culture: Vision: To be the No. 1 brand of catering furniture in the world and to pass the catering furniture culture to humanity! Mission: To provide a best platform for dream buddies! Concept: Spread us all over the world with high-quality products, and infect everyone around us with a sincere heart! Product core: customer first, service first, quality first! Values: Being a man in a disciplined way, really doing things! Core values: we will be younger, we will take the hands of all, build a beautiful cause, and give back to the whole society!Double-sided Fabric Sofa price website: website2:
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