Hand chain hoist , also commonly called chain block , which is used very widely in different industries , including factory , warehouse , mining , building construction , port , shipyard, transportation etc . It is used for equipment installation , cargoes lifting and material handling . It’s superior especially in outdoor environment and no power supply area use . Hand chain hoist basic information : 1. Capacity is available from 500kg to 20ton , usually , bellow 10ton capacity models are common used , considering the speed is lower than electric chain hoist . 2. Standard lifting height is 3m , sometimes customers might need 6m . Higher lifting height is available as per request . 3. Load chain can be G80 black chain or galvanized chain . 4. There are several different styles of hand chain hoist for option, including Yale style , Vital style , Kito style etc . 5. Color can be yellow , orange , blue , or as customer’s favorite . 6. OEM service is available . Main spare parts material details : 1. Hand wheel cover : be made of high strength alloy steel . Strong , durable and reliable . It can well protect the hand chain hoist inside parts . 2. Hand chain wheel and load chain wheel , be made of high strength forged iron , which make the chain wheels wearable and make the hand chain and loading chain running smoothly . 3. Hooks , high strength forged and heat treated , with very good toughness. It won’t break even overloaded occasionally , may just somewhat deformed . 4. Load chain is made of G80 alloy steel with high strength and toughness . Vital Model manual chain hoist specification : ModelHSZ-V Capcaity (ton)0.511.5235101520 Standard Lifting height(m)333333333 Running Test Load (ton)0.751.52.2534.57.51522.530 Load Chain Dia. (mm)Columns111122468 Dia567.187.110101010 Effort to Required to Lift Max.(N)231309320320360414420430420×2 Net Weight (kg)710.51718224070125162 Package Size(cm×cm×cm)20×16 ×1923×18 ×2027×22 ×2227×22 ×2231×23 ×2142×28 ×2454×49 ×2878×57 ×3278×72 ×34 Extra Weight per Meter of Extra Lift (kg) How to maintenance hand chain hoist ? 1. After use hand chain hoist , pls clean it and paint anti-corrosive grease , then put in dry area , to prevent the chain block being rusted or corrosion . 2. The maintenance and repair shall be carried out by those who are familiar with the hand chain hoist mechanism, and chain block parts shall be cleaned with kerosene, gears and bearing parts shall be lubricated with butter . Prevent random disassembly and installation by those who do not understand the machine principle of this type manual hoist . 3. The hand chain hoist shall be tested un-load after clean and maintenance, so as to confirm it can work normally and braking without any problem before put to use again . 4. The friction surface of the brake must keep clean . The braking parts should be tested frequently , to prevent loading cargoes self-falling because of brake failure . 5. When installing the brake pars of the hand chain hoist, make sure the ratchet gear slot and pawl claw part are well meshing . The pawl control by spring should be flexible and reliable . After install the hand chain wheel , rotate the hand chain wheel in clockwise direction , the ratchet wheel and friction plate are tight pressed on the brake base . Rotate the hand chain wheel in anti-clockwise direction , there should be suitable gaps between the ratchet wheel and friction plate.Chain Block for sale website:http://www.allmanlift.com/manual-hoist/chain-block/
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